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Project Name: Hotpot
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Requested Resources

  1. Co-hosted community event such as AMA, and other marketing support (50k USD).
  2. Grant for development (50k USD).

Project Overview

Hotpot is a codeless DAO launching toolkit based on bonding curve, designed for anyone without blockchain experiences, such as social influencers, community owners.

Launching a DAO is not easy for newcomers in blockchain due to the technical difficulty of blockchain principles. Hotpot Network provides easy launching steps for people outside the blockchain world to start a DAO within a few clicks. Any newcomers can design their token economics with our user-friendly configuration interface to address the goals of different communities. Our platform consists of multi-chain support for smart contracts, a user-friendly web interface, SDK, and various toolboxes for different DAOs. Moreover, the platform itself is also a DAO, all the decisions and executions are supervised by the hotpot community.

Hotpot is a blockchain-native DAO-launching platform. We guide users through an interactive, tutorial-style procedure to design token economics for DAOs. We use bonding curve, a general case of automated market maker algorithms for the token economics design. However, it is non-obvious for users to understand different key parameters in token economics design. Instead, we use an artificial intelligence-powered system to search the optimal bonding curve parameters. Users only need to describe the intended DAO market cap at different stages. Then, a bonding curve-based smart contract can be deployed immediately, at no cost.

Why we are different?

Most existing DAO projects are using Liquidity Pool or NFT based principles for governance. However, bonding curve could be the optimal way for DAO launching as proved by constitution DAO, Assange DAO. Governance token based on bonding curve lacks sufficient community support, which prevents users from diving deep into this type of AMMs.

Hotpot aims to help users learn and launch bonding curve-based tokens through artificial intelligence-powered interactive sessions, and provide them similar swaps functionality as Uniswap.

Team :busts_in_silhouette:


Team’s experience

Our previous achievements including but not limited to

  • Successfully completed multiple grants
  • Rich experience in web3.0 development
  • Delivered presentation at Polkadot decoded 2019 and being selected as finalist for polkadot decoded conference 2022


Here is a detailed milestone for our project.

Milestone 1 (Proof-of-concept stage/Hackathon Stage)

  • Deadline: April/May 2022
  • Description: The first stage (Proof-of-concept stage/Hackathon Stage), we will provide the community a basic version of product, where only core functionalities has been implemented. To be more specific, we will achieve the following goals
    • User is capable to launch DAO tokens (based on bonding curve) using our platform
    • Anyone can purchase/sell DAO tokens using swap interface on our platform
    • UI design

Milestone 2 (beta test stage)

  • Deadline: June/July 2022
  • Description: In this stage, we will focus on building the whole pipeline of DAO launching, including but not limited to
    • more complex DAO token launching strategy to meet requirement of different type of DAOs
    • provide users with one-click DAO tools configuration, such as token-gated discord, snapshot, etc.
    • DAO management dashboard: DAO owners can add more DAO information and DAO tools to their DAO pages.

Milestone 3 (Official Launch)

  • Deadline: August/September 2022
  • Description: In this stage, we will focus more on the beta test with some communities, as well as security improvement by conducting smart contract auditing. We will achieve the following goals
    • complete the smart contact audit
    • launch DAOs on our platform by collaborating with different communities.

Thank you for your proposal.
Please provide more information about:

  1. Relavant information about “successfully completed multiple grants”, such as links of approved proposals on forums
  2. More quantifiable data and the sources, such as the current number of active users and the calculation method
  3. Specific plan about use of grants and user growth
  4. Split the grants: related grant for each milestone

Thanks for the quick response!

Proof of Grant (PoG)


  1. development

    • We are now in partnership with multiple DAO communities to perform alpha test (ETH testnet) of the product.
    • We will working on adapt hotpot toolkit to ontology testnet as next step plan after alpha version shipped in ethereum testnet.
  2. community & marketing

Milestone Breakdown

Other than previously mentioned information, we provide cost estimation as follows.

  1. development

    • Milestone 1 (Proof-of-concept stage, test version on testnet)
      Cost: 15000 USD (UI/UX design and product design/development)

    • Milestone 2 (Pre-launch stage, test version on mainnet)
      Cost: 15000 USD (DAO management dashboard integration and completed pipeline of DAO tooling)

    • Milestone 3 (Official launch stage, full version on mainnet)
      Cost: 20000 USD (majority of the cost goes to smart contract auditing and security improvement related issues)

  2. community & marketing
    definition of active user: unique wallet address that interact either DAO launch function or DAO swap function more than 5 times
    definition of active DAO: unique DAO project launched on our platform with average daily transactions more than 100 times.

    • Milestone 1
      Number of Expected DAOs onboard: 5
      Number of Active Users: 500
      Cost: 10000 USD
      Duration: 2 months
      Usage: Community events and testnet airdrops (1000 USD * 5 events = 5000 USD)
      BD and AMAs、Space、Podcast (1000 USD * 1 full-time community manager * 2 months + 1500 USD * 1 full-time BD * 2 months = 5000 USD)

    • Milestone 2
      Number of Expected DAOs onboard: 50
      Number of Active Users: 5000
      Cost: 15000 USD
      Duration: 2 months
      Usage: Community events and Giveaways (2000 USD * 5 events = 10000 USD)
      BD and conference、demo day etc.(1000 USD * 1 full-time community manager * 2 months + 1500 USD * 1 full-time BD * 2 months = 5000 USD)

    • Milestone 3
      Number of Expected DAOs onboard: 200+
      Number of Active Users: 10000+
      Cost: 25000 USD
      Duration: 4 months
      Usage: Community events and bounty (1000 USD * 15 events = 15000 USD)
      BD and forum display、user relationship maintenance (1000 USD * 1 full-time community manager * 4 months + 1500 USD * 1 full-time BD * 4 months = 10000 USD)

Thank you for the information. We would like to know more about:

  1. The calculation method of the number of active users of the alpha test
  2. The website link of the explorer of CRUST network that you designed and implemented
  3. More details about your experience in web3.0 development, at Polkadot decoded 2019 and Polkadot decoded conference 2022

Alpha test is based on testnet, there is no value of testnet tokens. For simplicity of calculation, we adopt the same calculation criteria as stated in marketing & growth section.

Please check the updated Proof of Grant document for detailed implementation, as well as relevant experiences.

Thank you for the information. If there is a front page of the explorer of CRUST network, please also provide the link of the website.


We updated the link to demo in proof-of-grant document.

Please feel free to reach out to arrange a brief meeting about our product if necessary. Looking forward to hear from ONT soon.

Thanks. A link of calendar has been sent to your email address.
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