Pink Paper: Decentralized Publishing Platform

Project name: Pink Paper

Project description:Pink Paper is a decentralized and permissionless publishing platform for individuals and communities worldwide to express their opinions and share the information with the rest of their communities. Users can come and publish blogs and other forms of content on the platform and showcase it to the world. At the same time, one can raise funds for their endeavors on the platform allowing donating to world-changing technologies. Pink Paper will provide a decentralized and censorship-free platform for everyone to use and express their views about different topics.

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Problem Statement:

There are increased attacks from big tech worldwide on free speech. Big Tech platforms are increasingly banning specific individuals and communities from their platforms. In these testing times for free speech, Pink Paper aspires to protect the ethos of free speech and freedom for communities who want to raise their voice. Even Stani, founder of Aave was recently banned from Twitter for posting a joke which highlights the need for a decentralized platform.

Rupin Mathur(Founder)

He has been a Blockchain Maximalist since 2015 and an advocate of decentralization and self-sovereignty. He worked as marketing head for QuadB apparels from 2015-2017, India’s second-largest custom apparel brand where he established the first VAL (Virtual Assembly Line) basically creating hundreds of nodal points for blue-collar workers scaling the business infinitely. From 2017 onwards, he decided to go all-in Web3 and thus acted a crucial part in setting up Finstreet, India’s 1st Crypto Education Platform and scaled it to a community of 70,000+ Web3 Enthusiasts and 4.2 million social media following.

During this journey, he worked alongside brands such as Near, Algorand, WazirX, Huobi, Polygon, Aave, and many more to help bring their respective platforms adoption in the Indian Markets,

He has begun his journey to create and bring adoption for the Decentralized content management platform, Pink Paper


Adoption Strategy:

  • We will be partnering with DAOs and companies to bring their content system on Pink Paper. It will be used for providing key updates and announcements for their communities.
  • We will be launching a creator fund to incentivize writers, which will be distributed according to the engagement brought through their communities.
  • We will be Collaborating with renowned authors, and novelists, and publish their upcoming novels on the Pink Papers platform, (increasing visibility and engagement of the platform through their communities)
  • We will be Collaborating with Researchers and publish their research papers on the platform ( this will give penetration into the community of learned individuals in various academic fields)
  • We will be Collaborating with localized news agencies and publishers to have local, national and international news published on the platform.

Key Outcomes:

  1. Adoption of the publishing platform by major individual contributors along with companies as it provides a fair and free platform to communicate with their communities.
  2. Due to the Global, transparent & decentralized nature of the publishing platform, we will be able to better deliver to the different communities and readers around the world.
  3. Pink Paper will provide the platform as a center for decentralized information flow.
  4. One stop medium of communication with the communities of any type, size etc.

Development Roadmap:

First Phase: MVP

A. Building MVP on Ontology with following features:
a. Decentralized content publishing
b. Tipping / Donations for the creators to contribute to creators’ economy in Ontology token
c. A minimalistic design for content creators to ease creating content
B. Enhancing user experience while publishing and browsing, using the feedback of the community
C. Building community and establishing the community on different social platforms

2. Second Phase: Public Testnet Launch

A. Pink Paper will launch a Community Funding Platform for projects.
B. Partnerships with DAOs and projects to start publishing on the platform.
C. Enhancing the security of the publishing platform.
D. Changing the content template, where users can select from a variety of templates to showcase their blogs on.

3. Third Phase: Mainnet Launch

A. Partnerships across network to bring their content publishing on the platform.
B. Dedicated section showcasing Ontology projects in active crowdfunding stage
C. Strategic partnerships with publishers in different domains to build diversified content on the platform.
D. Voice search feature
E. Admin analytical dashboard where Pink Paper can see how the project is performing and strategize and plan the platform accordingly
F. Improving SEO related services in the project over time so that relevant people get ranked in their content

Total Budget:

We are requesting $40,000 for the grant. We will be using majority of the funds for the development of the platform. We propose the following milestones:

  1. At grant approval: $10,000

  2. After launching MVP on Ontology: $10,000

  3. After public testnet launch on Ontology: $10,000

  4. After launching mainnet and MAUs of 1000: $10,000

Contact details:

Telegram: @rupinmathur

Thank you for your proposal.
Please provide more information about:

  1. Quantifiable data about your project, such as the current number of active users (sources of data & calculation method required).
  2. A detailed execution plan about use of grants and related expectations, such as user growth.

Thank you for the questions @Ontology Please find the answers below:

  1. Quantifiable data about your project, such as the current number of active users (sources of data & calculation method required).

We just launched our beta platform. We have collaborated with Finstreet , Mining Devs etc. as our initial creators on the platform. We have received more than 1500 users on our platform. Please find the Google analytics screenshot.

  1. A detailed execution plan about use of grants and related expectations, such as user growth.

We will be using the grant to build the platform with all the above listed features and complete the roadmap and will launch the alpha. We already have strategic partnerships with projects like Finstreet, Mining Devs, YSchool, Spicy Punks, Edusquare etc. We will be on-boarding the new creators on the platform using the creator’s fund. We have Bandhul Bansal as our strategic advisor and mentor. He has invested in more than 10 web3 startups and all his portfolio companies will be using our platform for all their announcements and other blogs.

We are targeting 150 plus creators on our platform in the near term of 6-9 months and a MAUs of 5000.

Hi @Ontology I hope I have answered your questions. Please guide me to the next step.

Hi @Ontology , please let me know if you need any additional information or details.

Hi @Ontology please guide me on the next steps.

Hello, thank you for the information. We would like to know more about:

  1. Your advantages over other content platforms
  2. The challenges you’re facing and your solutions

Thank you @Ontology for the further questions.

  1. We have the following advantages over the other content platforms:

a. Support to creators: We are providing 100% of revenue a creator earns from our platform through tippings/donations. We have a dedicated support team who onboards and help the creator on the platform.

b. Freedom of speech: We are the supporters of free speech and aim to provide a free and unbiased platform for anyone and everyone to freely express their views and opinions.

c. Censorship-free: Big tech is aggressively censoring the content on their platforms. We are providing a better censorship-free alternative.

d. Crowdfunding platform: We will also provide a platform to crowdfund resources for innovative and public goods ideas.

  1. With the help of an experienced team we are able to mitigate all the major identified challenges. We are looking to build a platform that aims at solving the problem of increased censorship and lack of ownership for the creators by building a decentralized publishing platform.

On behalf of Ontology EVM, thank you for applying to Ontology EVM Fund - our team is excited to review your project proposal!

Please allow our team to take some times to review your submission and provide your contact information for further discussion(we will likely be in touch much sooner!). Regards

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Thank you @Ontology Looking forward to our discussion soon.

Hi @Ontology please guide me to the next step. You can reach out to me on Telegram @rupinmathur

You can also book a call using the following link: Calendly - Pink Paper


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