OntSocks Application for Moon Grant

  1. Main functions
  • Liquidity pool is seeded with oSOX/ONT
  • User Purchases oSOX with ONT
  • Token is burnt by user
  • User fills out shipping form
  • Socks are sent to provided address
  • NFT is minted to provided address
  1. plan of execution
  • Design and production of physical oSOX “1 Month” [samples must be ordered and Inspected for quality
  • Designing webpage and redemption form “1-2 weeks”
  • Creating oSOX Token the oSOX token contract with a 3200 supply would be created once website and redemption form are completed “1 month”.
  • Seeding Liquidity pool “1 - 2 months” Half of oSOX supply 1600 would initially be LP’d along with 96,000 ONT at a 60 ONT starting price.
  • Multisig would be required for holding remaining oSOX, LP tokens and ONT, multisig can consist of trusted ONT harbingers/community members as well as our team members a 4/8 quorum would be fine.
  1. Grants for milestones
  • Grant needed to seed initial liquidity pool amount needed would be around 96,000 ONT "requested once website, redeemer, multisig are completed and Socks/packaging designs are finalized and ordered.
  • Grant needed to insure worldwide shipping for 3200 orders would total around 40,000 ONT requested once liquidity pool is seeded and first orders start going out.
  • Grant needed for marketing/team expenses 200,000 ONT requested once project is functioning and shipping out to users.
  1. support needed from Ontology
  • General awarenesses support like retweets or tweets would be very helpful
    for awareness prior to launch.