Jupiter application for Ethersocks

Hello we are applying for the Jupiter grant and would like to bring tokenized apparel to ONT this would be the first on ontology. Our project is https://ethersocks.io/ and we are proudly the second project to tokenized apparel after Unisocks. I think this would be a very great fit for the ontology ecosystem and would be a great way to get users involved while at the same time giving them something physical to hold on to. Our project format requires you to burn a token and in return you receive a pair of socks with free shipping and a NFT to go with it. We will branch out and make Ontsocks.io we as a team have always loved the ontology ecosystem and it would be a great opportunity to work with and benefit the ecosystem.

Thank you for your proposal.

Please provide more information about:

  1. The functions of your project
  2. The specific execution plan and time schedule
  3. The specific grants you would like to have for each milestone
  4. What extra support you would need from Ontology
  1. Main functions
  • Liquidity pool is seeded with oSOX/ONT
  • User Purchases oSOX with ONT
  • Token is burnt by user
  • User fills out shipping form
  • Socks are sent to provided address
  • NFT is minted to provided address
  1. plan of execution
  • Design and production of physical oSOX “1 Month” [samples must be ordered and Inspected for quality
  • Designing webpage and redemption form “1-2 weeks”
  • Creating oSOX Token the oSOX token contract with a 3200 supply would be created once website and redemption form are completed “1 month”.
  • Seeding Liquidity pool “1 - 2 months” Half of oSOX supply 1600 would initially be LP’d along with 96,000 ONT at a 60 ONT starting price.
  • Multisig would be required for holding remaining oSOX, LP tokens and ONT, multisig can consist of trusted ONT harbingers/community members as well as our team members a 4/8 quorum would be fine.
  1. Grants for milestones
  • Grant needed to seed initial liquidity pool amount needed would be around 96,000 ONT "requested once website, redeemer, multisig are completed and Socks/packaging designs are finalized and ordered.
  • Grant needed to insure worldwide shipping for 3200 orders would total around 75,000 ONT requested once liquidity pool is seeded and first orders start going out.
  • Grant needed for marketing/team expenses 200,000 ONT requested once project is functioning and shipping out to users.
  1. support needed from Ontology
  • General awarenesses support like retweets or tweets would be very helpful
    for awareness prior to launch.

Posted with the wrong tag, reposted with appropriate grant tag Moon ($300K) - Ontology

Thank you for the information. The application is under review.