Gnosis Safe multisig - Jupiter Application

Ontology Proposal:

  1. Date of proposal


  1. Author/s of proposal

  2. Name: Rafael Cesar

  3. Contact details

  4. Telegram / Discord
    Telegram: @rafaelccg
    Discord: Rafael | Protofire#6261

  5. Proposal summary

The proposal can also be found at: Ontology Proposal.docx - Google Docs

We propose to deploy Gnosis Safe multisig (Safe) on your network, so that we can help you expand your ecosystem, and possibly even turn this into a long-term collaboration. There had been more than U$100 billion locked in Safes a few months ago. Even Vitalik Buterin keeps his assets in Safes due to the quality of the technology. We have collaborated with Gnosis Safe to develop the first version of the Gnosis Safe app itself, and since then we have been helping them to launch it on several respected networks, such as Moonbeam (, Evmos (Safe), Astar (, Velas, Acala, Cronos, among others that are on the way. Protofire has been a long-time partner of several Gnosis projects throughout the years, both on Gnosis Safe, as well as developing solutions for the Gnosis Protocol – such as the Conditional Tokens Framework ( -, as well as collaborating on the CoW Swap DEX ( and the CoW Protocol Explorer (, SDK and subgraph, and being a Gnosis Chain and Beacon chain validator (Protofire Releases Infrastructure Templates for Gnosis Beacon Chain | by | ProtoFire Blog | Medium).

We request compensation based on the hours worked on deploying the technology.

  1. Background information

Protofire has proven expertise in building decentralized infrastructure, protocols, applications, and developer platforms to accelerate growth of network’s ecosystems. We have been an integral part of the crypto ecosystem since our inception. You have probably already used technology developed by us. We are made of crypto and blockchain enthusiasts who love to develop blockchain technology alongside our favorite project’s teams. We are not only a dev shop, but we create long term partnerships with the projects we are part of, building and working as ambassadors for the community. Protofire is currently in a transformation process to become a DAO. As such, decision-making is decentralized among the members of a team, and tokens are distributed based on their deliveries.

  1. Problem statement

  2. What is the challenge your proposal addresses?

According to Elliptic, overall losses caused by DeFi exploits have totaled $12 billion in 2021. So, providing security measures in the ecosystem is a must.

  1. How does your proposal address the challenge?

In order to promote greater security for users of the blockchain ecosystems, Gnosis Safe provides a multisignature transaction platform built by experts. The solution is tailored for teams and individuals seeking greater security and money management options.

  1. How does the solution work?
  • Gnosis Safe is a multisig wallet.
  • There are Web, Desktop and Mobile versions of the app.
  • There are DeFi integrations, so users can put their funds to work directly from the Gnosis Safe interface. There is the potential for users to manage, stake, earn, lend, borrow, invoice, do payroll and more through the app.
  • The project is open source, which means that it can be upgraded to a network’s needs.
  1. What does success look like to you?

  2. We first have to analyze your network in detail;

  3. Then we integrate Gnosis Safe fork services to enable the core multisig wallet’s functionality;

  4. We deploy smart contracts that underwent the latest security audits;

  5. We Build a user interface;

  6. And then we deploy the infrastructure.

  7. How does this involve the community?

The community can take part by inputting ideas for features that can be implemented on the application, as well as design changes.

  1. Deliverables or Scope of Work (SoW)

  2. What are your key milestones?

The project is composed of 5 milestones:

0 - Research & scoping

1 - Smart contracts deployment

2 - Infrastructure spin up

3 - Backend & frontend deployment

4 - Handover activities

  1. What do you want to achieve?

We want to deploy Ontology Safe.

The Ontology Safe Multisignature Wallet will be the most trusted platform to store digital assets on Ontology EVM network for high-net-worth individuals, companies, holders, funds, developers, DAOs, and investors. Because of its programmability, it is widely adopted by Decentralized Autonomous Organizations and is used by DeFi, and other Astar ecosystem protocols as a building block.

In the proposed scope, there will be 2 environments, staging and testing, which will enable more security while updating and adding improvements to Safe.

  1. When do you want to achieve it?

As soon as the project is accepted, the contract is reviewed and signed, we want to deploy Gnosis Safe on Testnet in 2 ~ 5 weeks and on Mainnet 1 ~ 3 weeks.

  1. Are you assigning rights or licenses as part of the funding?

We are assigning Amazon AWS resources for the infrastructure.

  1. Funding request

  2. What are the costs?

Costs are divided by 3 categories:

  • ONT compensation: may vary from U$17,190 - 25,650 (in USD terms)
  • Infrastructure costs (it will depend on the community usage)
  • Token compensation: ONT tokens equivalent to 50% of USD value of the compensation. We are considering STG and PRD environments for Testnet and Mainnet.
  1. How are they broken down?

  2. ONT compensation

  3. Infrastructure costs

  4. Token compensation

  5. Calculate the exchange rate using the 7-day trailing average tool.

  6. The tool is showing an error.

  7. Payment details

  8. How do you want to be paid?

1. Token compensation will be considered in ONT.
  1. Payment terms

  2. Is it a one off payment?

1. It is a 3 disbursements payment.
  1. Is it milestone based?
1. Yes,
  1. First disbursement (retainer): Sent after MSA execution.

  2. Second disbursement: upon Testnet deployment conclusion.

  3. Third disbursement: upon Mainnet deployment conclusion.

  4. Is it ongoing funding?

1. There is an option for ongoing funding where we maintain Gnosis Safe instances.
  1. Milestones

  2. What are the key milestones?

1. The key milestones are Testnet deployment and Mainnet deployment.
  1. Reporting

  2. How will you report on progress?

1. Protofire DAO provides a status report with a detailed description of backlog, timesheet report and relevant issues status. Sections can be customized according to business needs. This report will be sent by email.
  1. How often will you report?
1. Upon request.
  1. Who is responsible for reporting?
1. Project Manager.
  1. Team

  2. What is their background?

  1. What are their roles?
1. Business Analyst, Field CTO and Project Manager.
  1. Do you need help building your team?
1. No, Protofire DAO provides a highly skilled team that covers all the necessary technologies (AWS, Solidity, Typescript, Rust, Node.js, Django, React, and so on).
  1. Team structure

  2. Who are the key contacts?

1. field CTO: Ivan
2. Project Manager: Eduardo
  1. How can they be reached?
1. Email:

  1. [](
  2. [](

2. Telegram:

  1. @ivand3v
  2. @esantos089
  1. Any other relevant information or attachments

  2. Links to previous work:

Any other questions or information that we lacked to provide, please let us know so that we can inform the community properly. We would be happy to discuss the proposal in details with the team and the community! :smile:

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The Foundation reviews applications on a rolling basis and will be in touch in a few weeks. In the meantime, hang out with the community.

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Sounds great guys! :grin: