First choice coin Grant Application

The Philippines is one of the countries in Southeast Asia that have millions of crypto holders and Nft and dapp users and traders. Big-time project like Ygg guild is listed in Binance where the majority of members are from the Philippines, and this is a big opportunity for defi, gamefi, nft and a dex. We are from here and wanted to create a project that will saturate and spread crypto adoption up to the lowest level part of the country.

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I am Alvin Abalos i serve as the Ceo of first choice coin, I am a long term community admin for ontology Philippines since 2018, I have a lot of experience and good memories with ontology and i love the team. Together with our team we wanted to support the latest advancements on Ontology. First choice coin product of product, Fcc Eagle Nft, Fcc coin staking is ready and deployed on Polygon and in our roadmap we have more product to launch. Because of my love and connection with ontolology we wanted to move or build also in it. This proposal is a request for the funding of initial liquidity in order to provide Ontology users an efficient and seamless experience, for marketing fund so we can promote ontology and fcc coin not only in the philippines but in whole world, for additional funding for the development of our roadmap products.

We are requesting 100k for the grant:
Fcc / ONG - 20k Initial Liquidity provided
Fcc / ONT - 20k Initial Liquidity provided
Roadmap development additional funding: 40k
Additional Co-Marketing fund: 20k

A note on Fcc token:
Fcc coin is utility coin for first choice coin projects of Defi, Nft, and a e-commerce dapp where users can shop and pay directly using ONTO wallet.

As mentioned above Fcc will utilize the fund that will benefit ontology, fcc can bring more users and we have our own affiliate system to reward members in sharing with other people and for conducting events.

Thank you all for taking the time to review the above proposal, which we believe will not only ensure a top quality product is deployed on Ontology, but that ongoing support and marketing is highly leveraged to ensure huge community participation.

The First choice coin Team!

Hello, thank you for your proposal. Please provide more information about:

  1. Quantifiable data about your project, such as the current number of active users (sources of data & calculation method required).
  2. A detailed execution plan about use of grants and related expectations, such as user growth.

1.) 1. Quantifiable data about your project, such as the current number of active users (sources of data & calculation method required).

A.) Our project just started in May 01, 2022. we already have 8,676 holders and 11,696 transfer transactions in polygonscan.
link: first choice coin (fcc) Token Tracker | PolygonScan

Fcc Eagle Nft minting and staking dapp has members doing their transactions also
link: Contract Address 0x3c97516e60bf915a72bbcee537f277863034ad3b | PolygonScan

Fcc coin Staking dapp has many transactions ongoing also.
link: Contract Address 0xdc5b236981ff22955eadd09e46d54821deb00331 | PolygonScan

B.) 1.4k followers in Facebook, 190 on twitter, and 1500 members on telegram.
Facebook: Redirecting...
telegram: Telegram: Contact @firstchoicecoin
Discord: new, 29 members

20 active affiliate associates who are helping us get more holders/stakers

2.) A detailed execution plan about use of grants and related expectations, such as user growth.

A.) After the grant is approved we will use 5,000$ in building smart contracts in ontology evm. a.) Fcc token creation
b.) fcc coin staking contract, Nft minting contract, Nft staking contract, bridge for fcc coin from matic to ontology evm and vice versa, simple swap/dex contract.
c.) 5,000$ for website frontend/backend developments of the dapps,
d.) 10,000$ for fcc nft gamefi development
E.) 15,000$ fcc mobile app development, we want to integrate Philippines union bank peso pegged coin if launch.
F.) 5,000$ for Miscellaneous expenses.

B.) after fcc token is live in ontology evm, a liquidity can be opened.
Fcc / ONG - 20k Initial Liquidity provided
Fcc / ONT - 20k Initial Liquidity provided

C.) 20k co-marketing fund

  • 4,000$. We have a unilevel system for our affiliate to reward them fcc coin for promoting it, we will also conduct a monthly in-person meet-up locally, we will allocate this 4,000$ for 20 months monthly meetups expenses for snack and venue (200$) budget per meet up to increase our affiliate to 5,000 to 50,000 members stakers and fcc coin holders/investors in 20 months.

*2,000$ Marketing partnership with Onto wallet, for listing fee, AMA rewards, onto twitter promotion and give aways.
*1,000$ rewards for binance pilipino AMA
*1,000$ rewards for YGG Philippines guild AMA

  • 5,000 for KOL partnerships and promotions
    *5,000 For fcc CEO/Marketing travel expenses to attend Philipines tech and crypto companies and community gatherings for 1-year budget.
    *2,000 miscellaneous expenses in co-marketing. logo and banners of ont, T-shirts, cap, and bags giveaways.

Our target is 5,000 to 20,000 coin holders stakers in first year, and 50,000 in 2nd year. This is long-term holders and supporter community tru our effort in monthly meet up and education. and hit to a million in 5 years.

The Philippines is very much open about crypto adoption and expansion, and so many active users, axie infinity got 700k users from the Philippines. Our goal is to capture this potential market and bring them to ontology tru us. Fcc will be the bridge to the ontology for the opening a great market and community in the Philippines. As an admin for ontology philippine for 3 years, it is my long-time dream to bring the ontology brand here. These grants not only help me create my own identity with fcc and this idea will be forever connected to ontology.

Thank you for your interest in joining Ontology EVM. We had an overwhelming number of applicants for Wave One. It took us longer than anticipated to get through all the submissions, and we appreciate your patience.

The applicants were intensely competitive; unfortunately, we can only accept a limited number of submissions. At this time, your grant application has not been approved.

While you didn’t make it this round, please don’t be discouraged. Other various projects have currently been developing by our team, we may have a chance to collaborate for other projects.

Thank you for being a part of Ontology EVM and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

If you have additional questions, please email Ontology

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I understand, as a harbinger and ontology admin, i will still continue my development in ontology EVM and apply for grant next time. i can post here my project development.

here is first choice coin contract address we have created already in ont evm:
contract address: 0x4a9c6294aabb7dcd774d3b331bebb1bbb63af806
name: first choice coin
symbol: fcc
decimal: 18

we also submitted the contract for verification, after that we can work on staking contract development