Blade Warrior - Jupiter Application

Hello, Blade Warrior is an open blockchain game ecosystem. The team comes from well-known 3A game development companies and well-known international blockchain organizations.

We are applying for the Jupiter grant and would like to bring gamefi to ONT this would be the first blockchain game on ontology.

We aim to redefine blockchain game through the perfect combination of heroes and fighting scenes, high-quality graphics, diversified gameplay and token economics. Blade insists on Play-to-Earn, and is committed to bringing users a perfect gaming experience while gaining substantial revenue from the game.

We have launched on OEC and IoTeX. We build well-connection with OEC and IoTex. Our partners includes OEC, OKEX NFT marketplace, IoteX,, CherrySwap, JSwap, built connection with TokenPocket, Coin98, Math Wallet, ONTO, CoinHub and HyperPay, listed on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, FeiXiaoHao and MyToken.

We hope that Blade Warrior will contribute to the ONTO ecosystem.

Our website:

Twitter: (59.1k)

Telegram (Chinese): Telegram: Contact @BladeGame (34k)

Telegram (English): Telegram: Contact @BladeGame_En (33k)

Discord: Blade Community (59.1k)


Youtube: Blade Warrior - YouTube

Thank you for your proposal.

Please provide more information about:

  1. The specific amount of fund that you apply for
  2. How the fund will be used
  3. The specific execution plan and time schedule
  4. What extra support would you like Ontology to provide